Save Coonskin Park

Now that the sun has set on the 2024 Legislative Session we would like to publicly thank Senator Mark Hunt for sponsoring SB 537 and Delegate Kayla Young for sponsoring HB 5173. While these bills did not make it through the legislative process this year, they would have changed the WV State Code so that the Kanawha County Parks and Recreation Commission would be an elected body. This change would do away with the conflict of interest that exists between Yeager Airport and Kanawha County Parks and Recreation, which is a consequence of having the members of both governing bodies appointed by the Kanawha County Commission. 

Thanks again to these two legislators!

Welcome to any person interested in the future of Charleston's Coonskin Park! Yeager Airport in Charleston has proposed a runway extension that would destroy approximately 400 acres of Coonskin Park, including all the upper shelters and hiking trails, and would forever bury Coonskin Branch (including "the Grotto" and the Alice Knight Memorial Trail) under hundreds of feet of rubble. We're here to protect Coonskin.

'Friends of Coonskin' was originally formed over 20 years ago when the airport was proposing a similar expansion that would have impacted the park. That proposed project was stopped and Friends of Coonskin went inactive. Now, FOC is back to once again protect one of Charleston's most accessible and beloved public parks.

what would we lose?

The entire Upper Park area would be destroyed - over 400 acres of natural hardwood forest would be leveled into a mountain top removal site!

7.5 Miles of Trails:

Alice Knight Memorial (Grotto)



Eagle Scout


Fire Road

Harry Wise








15 Shelters

Railroad Club

Gorman Field and Volleyball

3 Playgrounds

Day Camp Area

3 Miles of Paved Road

Watch these videos explaining how much of our park would be destroyed by this proposal

A large portion of our park would be bulldozed into a mountain top removal site and the dirt used to fill in the valley to extend the runway.

Pilots Perspective Video.mp4
Map Overlay Full but shorter.mp4

Take the time to read this amazing article from the Charleston Gazette about the creation of OUR park in 1950! Let's rekindle this spirit!