Questions and Answers

Q: Has an official decision been made? Is this project definitely happening?

No. An official decision has not been made and nothing is definite. 

Q: When will the FAA make a decision about this proposal?

It is likely that the next announcement will be made in the Fall of 2023. This announcement will include a draft EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) which will be followed by another public comment period and then a final revision. Once the final revision is made, the FAA will make their decision - likely in the Winter of 2024. The graphic below from shows the steps in this process and the current stage.

Q: What could the FAA ultimately decide?

Q: Does the runway really need to be longer?

No. Airline service to an area is dependent on that particular area's demographics, not the length of the airport's runway. As a matter of fact, the runway at Yeager Airport is only a few hundred feet shorter than the runways at Reagan in Washington DC and La Guardia in NYC. A longer runway will not bring more airplanes to Charleston, WV.

Q: How can I help?

If you think you have information or skills that can help, please use the form on Contact Us to let us know. And EVERYONE should take the time to visit the Take Action page!